Fire Alarm System Training

Single Page Announcement

Operating Instructions

  • To make a SINGLE PAGE Announcement
  • Press the PAGE TO EVAC button
  • Press the PAGE TO ALERT button
  • Press the speaker button fort the floor you want to notify
  • Wait for speaker button to light up
  • Hold down microphone switch
  • Make announcement
  • Press floor button to turn speakers off
  • Light will go out

All Call Announcement

Operating Instructions

  • To Make an ALL CALL Announcement
  • Press ALL CALL button
  • Pick up microphone
  • Press PAGE TO EVAC button
  • Press PAGE TO ALERT button
  • Hold down switch on microphone button
  • Wait for all speaker lights to light up
  • Make announcement
  • Release the microphone key
  • Press ALL CALL button

Silence Devices

Operating Instructions

  • To SILENCE audible devices
  • Press the ALARM SILENCE button.
  • To reset the Fire Alarm System
  • Press the RESET button.