Communications Panels



Slave Alarm Communicator

  • PFC-7500 Series
  • One class A (Style D) waterflow zone
  • Will support 4 zones of smoke detectors
  • Four class B initiating zones
  • Two optional Form C relays
  • Built-in dual phone line module with line monitoring
  • LCD or LED Annunciators
  • Fire Drill feature
  • Contact ID, 4-2 or DMP SDLC communication
  • Remote programmable
  • Available cross zoning
  • 16.5 VAC, 12 or 24 VDC power input
  • Listings: UL, CSFM, and MEA

PFC-7501 also includes the following features:

  • 1.25 Amp notification circuit
  • 500 mA auxiliary output

LED Annunciator

  • Zone Alarm LEDs
  • Trouble LEDs
  • Power LED
  • System Trouble LED
  • Silenced LED
  • Full keypad
  • Listings: UL and CSFM


  • WLT wire lead transformer
  • DCP dial-in programming modem
  • Phone cords & jacks
  • SNM supervised notification module

LCD Annunciator

  • 32 character LCD
  • Programmable zone labels
  • Also PFC-7500 series programmer
  • Powered from PFC-7500
  • Passcode protection or key operated
  • LED power indicator
  • Listings: UL and CSFM

PFC-7501 Sprinkler System Monitoring Kit

Contains the following:

  • PFC-7501 fire alarm communicator
  • RA-7630 LCD programmer/annunciator
  • WLT transformer


Conventional Fire Panels

PFC-5000 Series

The PFC-5000 series is a versatile microprocessors based fire alarm panel line that offers a wide variety of features.  Available from 4 to 8 zones, the PFC-5000 series supports a DACT, relay board and remote annunciators.  The PFC-5000 utilizes simplistic dipswitch programming which is user friendly while offering a wide range of configurations.


Microprocessor-based 4 Zone Expandable Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • 4 Class B (Style B) or 2 Class A (Style D) initiating circuits
  • Expandable to 8 Class B (Style B) or 4 Class A (Style D) initiating circuits
  • 2 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) NACs, expandable to 4
  • Multiple NAC output patterns
  • Selectable zone types
  • Multiple signal silence options
  • Listings: UL, ULC, CSFM and MEA


Remote Annunciator

  • 8 bicolored LEDs for alarm and supervisory conditions
  • LEDs match color at panel
  • Common controls protected by key switch
  • Connects to panel RS-485 output
  • Mounts in standard electrical boxes
  • Surface mount or flush mount
  • Available in Red or White
  • Listings: UL, ULC or CSFM

Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter

  • 2-line digital alarm communicator
  • Reports each zone status
  • Powers directly from PFC-5000 or PFC-9000
  • Supervises phone lines
  • Reports in SIA DCS or Contact ID with Zone ID
  • Automatic 24 hour testing
  • Remote configuration and history
  • Requires CFG-LCD for local programming

Auxiliary Relay Cards
ARM- 4/8

  • 4/8 Form C relays
  • Each relay rated at 1 Amp at 28VDC
  • Relays can be configured by Zone, Common Alarm or Common Supervisory
  • Relay board is supervised
  • Low power requirements

Zone Adder Module

  • Provides 4 additional Class B initiating circuits to PFC-5004E
  • Provides 2 additional Class A/B NACs
  • Directly connects to PFC-5004E chassis and board

Remote Trouble Indicator

  • Trouble LED and buzzer
  • Mounts in single gang box

Polarity Reversal/City Tie Module

  • Polarity reversal with selectable open condition for trouble
  • Supervised city tie